How It Works

What does it do?

Get ahead of warranty issues, Get your customer promotional money, Save time/energy and money.

The Parts-Helper web application will help you preemptively notice any important installation tips, recalls, or promotions for parts you are currently looking up on your browser or parts ordering software.

If there are any parts that match those in our databases, a notification will pop up on the web application. When you click on the “pop up”.

You will then be routed to our website with the complete applicable installation issue, promotion, or recall!

This way you do not need to keep track of all these parts intricacies, worry about losing instructions within parts boxes, or have a customer of yours miss a mail in rebate!

How will it help my business?

How many times do you waste time and money dealing with an installation issue? The worst part is dealing with your customer. There are so many parts to remember, so many car sub-models and so many promotions at every single moment of your day. Think of the most recent warranty issue you had, how many hours out of your day, week, and month did this cause you to waste?

This software helps you with every one of those issues. You will know ahead of time if there is a specific way you install that part. You will know ahead of time if there is a promotion for your customer, so you can close the sale.

Mainly, this software aims to help you save money ahead of a repair job. If your standard labor hour is $100, you will only need to save 3 hours in the ENTIRE YEAR to make your money back. Any issue caught after those three hours is money back in your pocket!

How do I sign up?

1)     Download the Google Chrome browser and transfer your parts ordering sites to it, you must use Google Chrome for this application to work. (if you already have all your parts websites through google chrome you’re all set.)

2)     Click “sign up” on our main website or scroll down to the bottom for a link to the Google Chrome webstore.

3)     Download the Extension

4)     First time you use this extension it will ask you to create a login, enter your credit card payment information.

5)     You are all set! You are on your way to save time, energy, and money.