About Us

Parts helper LLC. was started by a team of people with multiple years in the automotive aftermarket industry. We aim to help auto repair facilities with the major problem of parts proliferation, help prevent unnecessary warranty issues, and ultimately help you save your hard earned money.

Parts proliferation is a huge issue in the modern automotive aftermarket industry. Each manufacturer has thousands upon thousands of parts, and each OE manufacturer has multiple sub-models for each vehicle. Its hard to keep those and all their intricacies all straight.

We noticed that what was needed was technology to help these professional auto repair facilities in tackling these problems and making their job as easy as possible.

The Automotive aftermarket industry helps America go to work, school, and the emergency room. This industry keeps the United States running and the professional technician's jobs get harder and harder each day.

Let us help you protect you investment, satisfy your customers, and allow you to do your jobs without having to worry about parts/sub-models/recalls and all of those issues.

Any thoughts or suggestions, please reach out to sales@parts-helper.com